What makes a Man A MAN | 10 Important Points

There are certain stereotypes attached to the image of a man. Whether you like it or hate it, a man is expected to match that stereotypical image. Women all across the world consider this image of a man perfect and go to the extent of comparing the qualities of the man in their life with the qualities of this image of a perfect man. If you really want to know what qualities a woman expects a man to possess or what qualities this standard, stereotypical image of man has, then the guide below will certainly help you. By reading on, you discover What makes a Man a Man. Check out

What Makes a Man a Man

What makes a Man a Man

A real man should be able to defend himself

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Wondering What makes a Man a Man? Well, it’s his ability to defend himself in adverse situations. Whether it is a physical or emotional attack, he knows how to create the defence for himself. He doesn’t sit waiting for other people to come to his help or rescue.

A man knows how to keep life in order

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A man doesn’t just keep his room in order, he also maintains orderliness in his life. You won’t find chaotic relationships in his life, the uncertainty of future, or financial insecurities. Everything about a man’s life should be in order. At least, he should try to achieve this.

A man takes care of his looks and getup

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It’s not just a woman who should take care of her looks, men should too do the same. If you are a man who doesn’t take care of his looks, then you sure don’t figure high in women’s list of eligible men.12 stylish male fashion bloggers to follow on instagram.

A real man creates his own fortune

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A real man doesn’t depend on charity or handouts for wealth. He works hard and creates his own wealth. He knows how much to spend and how much to save. And by striking the right balance between spending and saving, he creates wealth for himself.

A man sets good examples

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A man knows he will once be a father, and that is why he makes sure he doesn’t do anything that sets bad examples for his children. He also understands that any offensive act done by him will put his family to shame. Hence, he refrains from engaging in unlawful, antisocial and unacceptable activities.

A man sticks to his word

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When a man gives his word, he doesn’t back out. he keeps his promises and adheres to his words every single occasion.

A real man refrains from gossiping

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A real man doesn’t involve himself in gossiping. He considers this a sheer wastage of time and disregard of the people being talked about.

He knows where his focus should be

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Real men are very focused. They generally know what they want in life, and what they want to weed out from their life.

A man is always chivalrous towards women

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So, you know What makes a Man a Man, and you think you have all the qualities a man should have, starting from a great physique to a deep voice, but do you respect women? Have you ever misbehaved with your mother, sister, wife or colleague? If you have, you don’t respect them. And this is certainly a stain on your manly image.

A man doesn’t engage in petty arguments

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If you are a man, you sure will avoid petty arguments. You know these arguments are not productive and hence waste your time.

So, now that you know What makes a Man a Man, there is no reason why you wouldn’t work towards acquiring these qualities. If, however, you have got all the qualities mentioned above then you are lucky; women consider you a real man!